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Enrollment in this program also gives you LIFETIME access to the S&P Roadmap service

3 month futures trader masterclass

over 45hrs of in depth instruction

Join Justin as he walks you through the details of his trading strategy over the course of 3 months. There are 27 sessions and over 45hrs of in depth content. You will be learning how to read the futures markets and find low risk, high reward trade setups. All students will receive a 1 on 1 coaching call as part of the program. The JTF strategy is powerful for both scalp and swing traders. Only for the serious student.


  • Month 1 – Levels

    • Module 1: Market Scaffolding

    • Module 2: Daily Power Levels

    • Module 3: Fibonacci and Candlewicks

    • Module 4: Dynamic SNR: VWAP and MAs

  • Month 2 – Signals

    • Module 5: RVI and Divergence

    • Module 6: Divergence/Reading the divergence Tape

    • Module 7: MTF Analysis: Finding HTF and Intraday Rotations

    • Module 8: Reading Market Internals Part I: $ADD

    • Module 9: Reading Market Internals Part II: $TICK

  • Month 3 – Putting it All Together

    • Module 10: Premarket Preparation

    • Module 11: Trade Setups and Risk Management

    • Module 12: Trading Journal and Psychology

    • Module 13: Live Trading and Developing your System


$5000 Original Price - Now ON SALE for just $1500!!!
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