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Every morning*, we meet in a live trading room environment where Justin will share his charts and lead a premarket planning session to build out the S&P Roadmap for the day.

After the morning broadcast, the S&P Futures(ES) charts will continue to livestream; marked with the best trading levels and printing real time/live divergence signals. All designed to help you find high quality trades and give you the most accurate roadmap available to navigate within.
You will be amazed at the accuracy of the levels and signals offered in this trade room, join us now!

In addition to our morning session and livestream, all members of The S&P Roadmap will also be invited to a weekly webinar where topics such as trading strategies, weekly/daily/specific trade reviews, trading psychology and much more will be covered. We will spend a few sessions learning about the charts and how to trade the signals and levels. All webinars will be recorded and available to members of the S&P Roadmap service


Here is our first weekly webinar of 2024 for your pleasure!

Jan 3, 2024 Weekly Webinar

All members will also receive the most updated Market Scaffolding levels for the current S&P futures contract

Watch our webinar on what we do at The S&P Roadmap HERE

* most mornings excepting holidays and occasional closures

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