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First Month In the Bag

Well guys, I'd say we had a stellar first month in the Roadmap. There are too many beautiful trade setups to highlight especially in just one blog post, so check out our Daily Review page to see just exactly what happened each day this month. The Roadmap levels are some of the most incredible levels you will ever work with. No need to argue, just look at the reactions day in, day out. The proof is in the pudding. What I do want to boast about specifically in this post is the fact that on Mon. Jun 19, we were bears expecting the market to PB. How far was the PB going to get? We did not know. But we were bears that morning and that was the beginning of an 80pt selloff. Was that enough time to maybe find some good shorts?? As the market sold off, we got our first bullish counter signal starting on Thu. Jun 22 and in the premarket session talked about the possibility of the market rotating back up. That was the first green daily candle after 4 red days. The bears continued to swat things back down with each bullish attempt to bounce and on Fri and the following Mon we continued to see clear bullish counter signals with each push lower. On Fri and Mon, we did get a bullish pop out of the open, but again, the bears swatted things to lower lows. On Monday morning we talked about two important zones for the bulls to hold. 4367-69 and 4345-48. The low of Mon, and the "scene of the crime" where price found its major low to start the bullish breakout was........4368.5...... And finally, on Tue the 27th, the breakout we were anticipating for 3 days began. We were bulls that morning and away the market went, as we expected. Price has now pushed just about 130pts from that low at 4368.5 (again, the first pocket we expected to hold). Any chance you could of made some money on the way up? This is the reason we do our premarket analysis. We anticipate and eventually catch the largest rotations in the market. And nearly every large move happens right off of levels we have set ahead of time. I truly believe the strategy we use to read the market and find great trading opportunities is all you need to make money on the S&P.

Here's to another incredible month at The S&P Roadmap!

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