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Good afternoon my friends. We have not begun our S&P Roadmap service just yet....but I will be sharing how incredibly accurate and reliable our levels and signals are, so you get an idea. This morning, during the premarket, the ES(S&P futures) tested into one of our market scaffolding levels. You can see it on the chart below, a dashed blue/grey line right inside of the box and purple circle. Just a few ticks above my scaffolding level, sat a major retracement. The box represents a region of expected resistance. Not surprisingly, the market tested the scaffolding level, broke it by less than 1point! And is now pulling back going into midday Friday. And again, not surprisingly, the market is holding and bouncing from the grey dashed line(another market scaffolding level). To add even more to this.....from the premarket high, up by the scaffolding level, I also got multiple HTF(high timeframe) bearish signals. So before the market even opened this morning, I had a bearish bias from the ONH(overnight high), and the expectation was, IF price did not purge through the ONH, that we expected a PB(pullback) down to the two market scaffolding levels you can see on the chart. Like I said earlier, the market is currently holding the second market scaffolding level....... Have a great weekend! I hope to see you join us in June 2023!!!!

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