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the hopl continues to amaze

Like I say guys, theres not a day that goes by.....that Im not amazed. This week, the HoPL has been a real stunner (as if every week we dont see this kinda stuff??? :) ) I post this not to say that this level just magically holds every single time price visits it, but to prove that its a very powerful level in the chart. I could devote an entire twitter account to examples of these kinds of rotations every week, dare I say every day? Here is how things have transpired this week........ Ive circled the rotation. And the orange the HoPL...the Holy ORANGE Power Level

For those who purchased the JTF Daily Power Levels indicator - keep in mind this level prints at 6AM PST every morning. It calculates based on overnight price action and is valid until the 2PM PST close each day.

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