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The S&P Roadmap Starts on Monday

Hello my friends. First of all, I gotta say, this week was a fairly easy read and I hope that some of the daily review posts have helped you to see the power in the levels and signals we rely on. My goal with the upcoming service is to continue to offer the best daily trade plans, signals and levels available for this market and support you in your journey to incredible trading success! Just a heads up that if you plan to join us for The S&P Roadmap service, starting on Mon. Jun 5, 2023, and you want to be there for Monday's need to subscribe by Sunday night or you may not have access on Monday. There are some logistical things that need to be done so that you can get into the broadcast and that may mean we wont have time to get you in if you subscribe on Mon morning. Im super excited to get started and hope to see you there!!! P.S. - Is anyone following the price action off the market scaffolding levels???? Sheesh!!!

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